The Edgewater Hotel Wedding Photos | Amber + Aaron

Rennardphotography-Photo AA20

To a beautiful person inside and out. Amber has been nothing but a blessing to work with. I met her and Aaron after they contacted me at Starbucks for a consultation. Amber had express to me her interest in working as a wedding planner and shortly after that meeting she ended up working for one of the best wedding planning companies in Seattle, Vows weddings and events. I was so proud to see her accomplish her dream. As for the connection between these two I have noticed it from day one. At the time I was going through some personal struggles but watching the way these two interacted with each other made me smile and be hopeful that I would be sitting one day having someone look at me the way Aaron looked at Amber. To this beautiful couple, I wish you both endless times of happiness throughout your marriage.

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