Engagement Photos at Smith Tower | Ida + Andrew


A Quick Little Announcement

First thing’s first: If I haven't already made an official announcement, then I’ll use this opportunity to tell you that as of 2018, we will exclusively serve couples in the Seattle area and will no longer photograph out-of-state weddings. Unfortunately, this means that I will not be available to photograph Ida and Andrew's wedding in New York City next year, but I was lucky enough to meet these two here in Seattle for their engagement shoot!



Ida reached out to me and said that she was just as excited about the possibility of me shooting her engagement as she was when Beyonce dropped “Lemonade,” which I think says it all. How cute is she? Of course, I just had to take them on! (I mean, how can you resist being compared to Beyonce?) As Ida and I started talking, we quickly learned that we had a lot of similarities in our family backgrounds and ethnicities, so that was super exciting to hear. Shout out to all my Latina friends out there!

After the date was set, Ida and Andrew got ready to let the creative juices flow. They were so pumped, in fact, that they decided to forego the vision board and just let it all unfold naturally on the day of the shoot, which I thought was brilliant. It goes without saying that having 100 percent of their trust was not something I took lightly.




When the day finally arrived, you can imagine my excitement when they showed up on location at Pioneer Square with props of their own that we could all play with. I love using props because it’s such a simple way to add a unique, personal flair to any shoot.

Ida and Andrew came with cute balloons that we later released into the air, one love balloon sign that we used inthe photos, and some bubbles that quickly showed us that the wind just wasn’t in our favor that day. At least we tried, right?

And I couldn’t help but smile when Ida busted out some maracas for the two of them to dance around with while I shot! She actually gifted me those maracas.

After getting some gorgeous shots at Pioneer Square (which is one of my all-time favorite Seattle engagement shoot locations, by the way) we headed up to Smith Tower to snag a great sunset view and a beautiful glimpse of the Seattle Space Needle. Seeing the city skyline in the background never, ever gets old. This is a great place that's kind of a hidden gem here in the Seattle area, and it’s also a good spot for winter engagement shoots if you’re worried about rain putting a damper on things.

While the wind wasn’t cooperating with the three of us and our bubbles that day, the sunset certainly made up for it! We got some stunning shots at dusk and at the end of the shoot, we wrapped things up with a few drinks at the top of the tower.

While the wind wasn’t cooperating with the three of us and our bubbles that day, the sunset certainly made up for it! We got some stunning shots at dusk and at the end of the shoot, we wrapped things up with a few drinks at the top of the tower.


At that point, we all thought the day was winding down. Well...except for Ida, that is. On our way down, she revealed that she had one more trick up her sleeve: sparklers! Sparklers are actually very hard to find unless you go on eBay, so I just knew we had to use them. After all, she put all that work into tracking them down!

We wandered back down to Pioneer Square, which was magical since all of the beautiful trees were covered in dangling lights. We found a pedestrians-only area to avoid having to deal with cars and we lit up the night with her sparklers, ending the session with a sweet kiss as the two of them sent sparks flying.



Looking for an indoor location for your engagement session in Seattle this winter?

If you're looking for a place to stay dry during your shoot in the city, one of the best Seattle engagement indoor locations is Smith Tower, which offers gorgeous views all year ‘round and will keep you and your sweetheart covered, rain or shine. And if a little winter magic is what you’re after, I can’t think of a better place than Pioneer Square and its beautiful, twinkling lights.


A Special Note for the Couple


Thank you so much Ida and Andrew for trusting me and my vision and for helping me make your dream engagement shoot a reality. I’m so bummed that I'm not going to be at your wedding in New York City, but I will definitely be thinking about you as the date draws near.

And thank you for gifting me with the extra sparklers. They became part of another engagement shoot! The couple was so inspired by your photos that they decided an evening session at Pioneer Square would be absolutely perfect.