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Wanted: Seattle Wedding Photographer Seeking an Intern!

looking to break into the wedding photography scene?

Are you a photographer looking to break into the wedding photography scene? If so, you might be the right fit for our team! Tanya, my last intern, was so amazing that she recently joined the JJP team as our official Second Shooter. Now that she’s taken on more responsibility, another internship spot has opened up for my 2017 wedding season!


Why am I offering an internship?

Well, besides the obvious bonus of having the additional help, I’m really doing this for you! About 12 years ago, long before social media and the endless stream of free online resources, this young girl bought her first camera and had no one to turn to as a mentor. Digital SLR cameras were still relatively new, and the majority of wedding photographers were stuck in the mindset of ‘competitions not community’. I contacted all the local photographers in my hometown of Modesto, California, eager to offer my assistance free-of-charge in exchange for any experience. But after getting rejection after rejection, I realized that no one was willing to teach me. Why? Because they were afraid to give away their secrets. They didn’t have a guarantee that their students wouldn’t end up stealing their workflow, so they didn’t want to share any of their knowledge.

So, I dug in and learned the old-fashioned way. I headed straight to the library and read as many books as I could about photography. In the end, I can honestly say it took me about 5 years of trial and error on my own before I could successfully quit my 9-5 job and commit to photography full time. Even now, 12 years after I picked up my first camera, I’ve learned more than I could have imagined, all through trial and error after going full-time at the age of 24. Things have changed a lot since then, and now photographers have joined hands and become a community that is focused on helping each other. We all realized that we are stronger together than apart!



wedding photography business isn’t just about the photography

Owning a wedding photography business isn’t just about the photography. Sometimes it feels like when you finally get a handle on one part, you’re hit with ten more things you have to learn. So yes, I can say I’m pretty excited to be offering this internship—because if someone would have offered an opportunity like this to me back then, I probably could have skipped five years of growing pains that I had to endure to get to where I am today.

So let me ask you, are you ready to grow?

Are you ready to shave time and the cost of school and workshops for real experience?


Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in one summer:


  • How to shoot wedding details

  • How to hold a reflector properly

  • Understanding lighting, both natural and indoor

  • How to set up off camera flash for receptions

  • How to photograph receptions with off-camera lighting

  • Proper wedding terms to use at a wedding

  • The JJP Base pose and Pyramid for creating natural, joyful photos

  • How to talk to clients when coaching them into poses

  • LR basic culling and editing

  • How to shoot both dual video and photography with minimal gear

  • Which lens to use in which situation

  • Basic retouching skills in Photoshop

  • 101 on posing a wedding party group

  • How to set up a batch social media content for the month

  • How to set up and run a photobooth


I’m looking for someone with the heart, passion and work ethic to learn. I can teach you almost everything you’ll need to know as a professional photographer. As an intern, you will never be expected to shoot at a wedding—that role is for myself and my second shooter—but as you grow with us, we can ease you into that role if it is something you’d like to try. The most important thing for me is to find someone with a kind presence, because bringing positive energy to a wedding is essential for creating joyful photos.  

To ensure your growth and development, I will meet with you bi-weekly to teach you photography skills in a one-on-one setting.

Interns should be able to commit to July-October weekend weddings, along with one day a week of in-house work  and half a day at your home online work to help you better understand the backend of running a business.

Are you ready and excited to be a part of the JJP Team?! Apply below with your Name, Portfolio Website, gear list, and availability during the week.

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