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The Second Photographer | Meet Tanya

When it comes to photographing weddings, the importance of having a second shooter cannot be underestimated. The most important thing for me is to find somebody who is friendly, can produce quality images in a similar style to me, and who I can absolutely trust to work well with my clients. After all, you’re not only hiring me as the main photographer, but you’re also hiring a second photographer who will be side-by-side with you at your wedding.


So what does a second photographer photograph?

A second shooter is only present at the actual wedding for six hours. They usually show up around thirty minutes after me to photograph your fiancé’s final stages of getting ready. During the first look and the couples’ portraits, we will be both photographing to make sure that we capture all of the great angles and spontaneous expressions. You’ll focus on me while they capture candids or shots at different angles, giving variety to your final images. I allow my shooters to be creative, so if they ever see an opportunity that I missed, they are welcome to speak up and step in.


The wedding party portraits are time-sensitive, so me and the second photographer will split off and each take either the guys or the girls. All of my second photographers are trained to know exactly the images I need from them while they are with half of the wedding party.

 I photographed the girls while my second Tanya captured the boys.

I photographed the girls while my second Tanya captured the boys.


While the guests arrive, I photograph all the details of your untouched ceremony and reception. Meanwhile, my second will be photographing the candids of all of the guests arriving. During the ceremony, my second stays in the back while I’m in front. My second is more focused on candids and capturing those wonderful informal moments, so they are the perfect fit to capture your cocktail hour while I wrap up family photos. Usually by the start of dinner, it’s been six hours and my second backs up all the photos and we say our goodbyes.  

So who do I work with?

Right now, I have one primary full-time second shooter who will be attending all my weddings booked in 2017. Don’t worry, my 2018 couples, you will also be in good hands and I’m already training a backup in case she isn’t available!


Meet Tanya (PUSH PLAY)


So how did I meet Tanya?

Tanya reached out to me via an email explaining to me that she had moved here two years ago. She’s originally from the Ukraine and worked as a photographer four years, and was now looking for an opportunity to learn more about the American weddings. After she showed up to the interview with my favorite pink macaroons, I was pretty sold 😉

Tanya was first brought on as an intern, but after working together for six weddings, she had proven herself to be an excellent photographer and co-worker, so I hired her as my second shooter. Our styles and personality just flow so well together. She is goofy and silly but super focused and knows exactly what to capture when needed. She is more than able to handle any situation at a wedding, and I feel lucky to have her by my side during your ceremony!


Second Photographer Rates:

Adding a second photographer is included in my signature collection for up to six hours. If you’d like to extend the time for them to stay longer, their rates are $100/hr for the first two additional hours and $200/hr after that.


Check out Tanya’s second photographer portfolio

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