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This is going to be a fun wedding!

On Saturday, February 12, 2017, Chelsey and Eric were married at 1927 Events in Downtown Seattle.

My second shooter, Tanya, and I arrived at the Thompson Hotel to find Chelsey laughing it up, surrounded by her girls. We captured a few candid moments before heading to photograph Eric in his tuxedo T-shirts that he had mentioned to me he had to have a photo in.

I could tell right off the bat that this bridal party would provide laughs throughout the day.

Chelsey and Eric decided to forego separate photos pre-ceremony and had a First Look. I love it when couples decide to have a First Look, it saves valuable  time which means the bride and groom can enjoy their wedding day at a less stressful pace.

We managed to capitalized on the time we saved and ran around Pike Place Market capturing natural, effortless-looking photos still with forty-five minutes to spare before the ceremony. Chelsey was able to mingle with her guests just as she always planned.


intimate indoor urban candlelit ceremony.

Chelsey and Eric had an intimate indoor urban candlelit ceremony.  The room was filled with Eric’s police workmates which felt like family. I headed over to the table to capture a photo and saw one of the most hilarious gifts that I think I’ve ever seen at a wedding. This gift must have taken some time because the whole Squad decided to dress up and get a professional photo taken just to frame it with a statement saying, “we will protect you Chelsey and Eric.”

My favorite moment was at the ceremony when we heard the police sirens go off and Eric pretended to take off as if he was being called and it just made everyone laugh. The ceremony was also so touching to hear how much this wedding and moment meant to each of them.

The reception continued on with one of the best speeches I have ever heard from a groomsmen.  Setting the tone for what end up being one of the most fun receptions I have been to you in a while. The guys were all dancing with each other.  Instead of a traditional cake cutting between the bride and groom it was a triple donut eating between three best friends… priceless.

And before I took off of course I had to get one of my epic shots. In this case I chose to do a venue backlit photo.


Chelsey + Eric Vendor Dream Team

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