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Your Guide to The Perfect Seattle Engagement Photoshoot Part 2

(a two part series)



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What should I wear for my engagement photo shoot? What should I bring? Those are two of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself as your engagement session approaches, so I’ve put together this blog post to give you a little bit more insight! It all starts with some styling inspiration and a mood board.


So why should I care about styling?

My mom grew up in an underprivileged household in Mexico but she always wanted to look cute when she went out dancing, so when she was a teenager, she taught herself how to sew. Later in life, my mom used those sewing skills to make outfits for me and my sisters! We all had different body types but she was talented enough to create amazing looks that flattered all of us.

These days, we take an annual girls’ trip together and my mom makes each of us a custom gown for a fancy dinner and night out on the town. It’s our treasured tradition to look fabulous for at least one night a year.

Why am I sharing this? Because it was my mother who taught me to select the best fabrics and create styles that flatter. She showed me how amazing it can feel to wear a look that’s tailored to you, and I always bring that to my work. I want every person I photograph to feel how my mother has always made me feel.

 Every single dress was made by my mother.

Every single dress was made by my mother.


Now for the really fun part: looking through my wardrobe collection! With my services, you get full access to my wardrobe and styling services. Not seeing anything you love? Don’t worry, because I put together a list of great online shopping resources to help get you started.

If you are one of the lucky ones who happens to have the perfect outfit in your closet already, then take a quick photo and send it my way!

This will allow me to give you my professional styling tips and help you coordinate your outfit with your partner’s. If you decide to go with a look or two from my own styling wardrobe, I suggest that we have an optional in-person styling meeting. (More on that later!)

Get your Free Downloadable PDF Styling Guide here


Before we even go into the meeting, there’s a little bit of preparation homework on your end. But not to worry! This shouldn’t take very long. I encourage all my couples to do this. First, head over to Pinterest and start pinning 10 images that speak to you.

This will give me a sense of what your aesthetic is. If you don’t have Pinterest, you can always visit my website and screenshot images you like from there. Once that’s done, send me the URL link or screenshots. Check out a little tutorial to help you through the process below!



Once that’s all squared away, there will be an online visual meeting. I’ll be sharing my screen with you and we’ll be able to see each other online. I’ll go over with you why you picked each image so that I can get a little bit more insight into what exactly drew you to it!

After I collect all this information, we’ll move onto finalizing a time and meet-up location. At this point, we’ll get into the details of each outfit. My goal is to make sure that your outfits match the scene and achieve the feeling that you’re going for. It’s important that you coordinate with the location and with each other!

When we wrap things up, I’ll get to work! First, I’ll finalize your mood board with the inspirational images you chose from Pinterest and include any information about logistics, outfits, and styling. This will take me a few days but I promise it’ll be worth the wait!



If you’re planning to buy your own outfit, below are links to my suggestions that you can purchase online. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time in case the dress doesn’t work out. Since most online retailers offer returns, I recommend purchasing a few options.

Dresses: Try to find something that the wind can pick up and make flow. Longer dresses with slits and lightweight fabrics are ideal. I’ve had good luck with affordable brands like Express, H&M, Nordstrom, Lulus (online), and Forever 21.

Online shopping resources

  • Lulus Pictured on the Right (multi-colors)
  • Lulus – WIne Red Backless Maxi Dress
  • Lulus – Halter neckline Blue Maxi Dress
  • Lulus – Wrap Maxi dress with sleeves
  • Lulus – Versatility Maxi dress (multi-colors)
  • Misguided – Red Sweetheart Neck Bardot Maxi Dress
  • Misguided – Navy Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Bardot Maxi Dress
  • Asos – Berry Pink Maxi Wrap Dress with Sleeves



If you need a little more help in the wardrobe department, then book a free 30-minute time slot any Thursday while I’m at the Makers office in downtown Seattle. This is really great if you’re planning to use any of my wardrobe collection because it gives me an opportunity to start fitting the outfits to your body. In the meantime, check out some images from a few other couples who used my wardrobe and styling services!


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