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From Fan to Film

It started with “Drake”

I was browsing YouTube one day because I was yearning to hear One Dance by Drake, one of my all-time favorite songs. I happened upon an acoustic version and quickly fell in love with it. Oddly, it wasn’t the song that caught my ear, it was the voice. I probably replayed the song 25 times; I just couldn’t get enough! I needed to hear more so I Googled the artist, Scarlet Parke.




I was surprised to learn the artist lived right here in Seattle. And not only that, she was holding her album release show a mere 2 miles away! I just had to go. I immediately shared the event with my girlfriends and we decided to make a night of it. We settled in at a table and ordered drinks and lo and behold Ms. Parke approached our table. I have to admit I was nervous when she began to chat us up. I did my best to keep my composure but on the inside I was majorly fangirling.


The SURPRISE visit

Fast forward a month later–I’m hosting a brunch for my girlfriends in downtown Seattle and who walks in the door? None other than Scarlet Parke herself. I had to stop my jaw from dropping. Mind you, this was a private event. Only my close girlfriends were invited. How did she get there? Who invited her? Was I dreaming?



I had to pinch myself but I realized she was real. I buried my impulse to shriek with excitement and welcomed her in and dared to make small talk. Ms. Parke explained that she had the keys to my friend’s car and was invited to meet her here. 

A couple mimosas later, Ms. Parke observed me filming for my personal memory box. She casually brought up the idea of collaborating on a film. I loved the idea of course but didn’t want to get my hopes up. I figured, okay, we’ll see if she actually follows up.


The coffee date

Lo and behold, about a week later, Ms. Parke invited me for coffee to go over an idea she had. We met at Stone Way Cafe in Wallingford. It wasn’t long before we were exchanging stories and buzzing with creative ideas.



Now a month later, I’m still fangirling, but also proud to announce that I have signed on to be Scarlet Parke’s official photographer and videographer. I’ll be providing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Scarlet leading up to and including her much anticipated Summer 2017 performances. She’s known for looking posh at her performances, so we’ll explore her fashion sense. We’ll also get real-life footage of her creative writing process, performances and even peaks into her personal day-to-day life here in Seattle.


Check out the official trailer filmed and produced by Yours Truly for Scarlet’s upcoming summer Vlog. Want to learn more about where Scarlet and I are up to this summer? Be sure to follow us

on Instagram @finelinefeline and Facebook.



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