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Bell Harbor and Alki Beach Engagement photos | Patrice + Matt


Patrice & Matt got it goin’ on!

To me, Patrice and Matt really stand out as a couple who truly understands commitment. I met them in person last April for an initial consultation and was hired on as their wedding photographer. 

They will be getting married on their 10 year anniversary almost to the date! These two met the day before his sister’s wedding. Matt’s sister will be celebrating her 11th anniversary on Patrice and Matt’s wedding day– isn’t that adorable?! They will have shared wedding anniversaries!



patrice & her dress

When discussing the preparations for their engagement session, I sent over some suggestions on outfits for Patrice. She picked one of the lovely dresses I had linked from

We met in downtown Seattle first so I could help her narrow down the wardrobe. (I’m always game to give my opinion in person if you’re struggling!)

I was so excited to see this flowing deep emerald maxi dress on her! It was exactly what I had envisioned.

The movement of the dress made for some beautiful, playful images, don’t you think? So gorgeous.

On the way to our first location in Bell Harbor, I caught sight of an overpass above. Instant inspiration! (Don’t you love those moments?)




inspiration strikes

The concrete, the urban look and flow of the traffic. “This would be a killer location to start!” I thought. The drama, the romance of the location– it was perfect!

I tend to do this a lot but it makes for some unique images tailored to each couple. My couples seem to enjoy the ride! It makes for a super fun shoot. Nothing like some unplanned, spontaneous shots we can all remember for years to come.

What’s crazy to me is that within the first 10 minutes of photographing Matt and Patrice, I felt that we already had some amazing shots. 

See, the norm is to tell a couple within the first 10 minutes of a shoot that they probably won’t like those photos. It takes a bit of time to warm up to the camera. You’re nervous and stiff and it may take some coaxing to feel natural. But with these two it was on from beginning to end. I just kept getting some incredible photos. High five Matt and Patrice!


Aren’t candid moments the best?

A great way I was able to capture some fun candids was by asking Patrice to spin around for Matt. I just loved seeing her dress fly around! 

This is why I suggest considering these flowing maxi dresses for shoots. They’re so playful and romantic. The movement adds texture and interest in the photo composition. It was a thrill to see them laugh and play around in the rain!


a puddle in seattle

I saw this cute little puddle of water on the way back. It was perfectly glassy and made for a pretty reflection photo. Not only are photos like these a bit iconic for Seattleites, but it was a genuine reflection of the day: Capturing two people in love and playing around in the rain.  


Alki beach shenanigans

We had about 15 minutes before sunset and I was able to snag some incredibly fun photos at Alki beach with the city view behind them.


Bright lights, big city

Heading back to the car, I turned around and noticed the city lights. They were twinkling and aglow. I couldn’t resist. I asked them if they could go back for one last photo. And I’m so glad they did! This by far one of my favorite photo shoots of the year. Patrice and Matt, you rocked it! Can’t wait to see you in August for your big day!


behind the scenes + a few faves


If you or anyone you know would love to have your very own Patrice-and-Matt-type of engagement photo session with me in Seattle, CLICK HERE.

LOCATIONS: Bell Harbor Pier, Downtown Seattle and Alki Beach

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