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Inglewood Golf Club Wedding photos | Megan + Bobby | Kenmore Wedding Photographer

My favorite thing about Megan and Bobby is how they adore each other! They are each other’s person. You can sense it upon meeting them– it’s that tangible. I know I felt it immediately when I met them. They are absolutely inseparable and it’s so sweet to see in person.


the morning of the wedding

On the morning of her wedding, I asked Megan how she was feeling. How was her night before the big day? What she told me blew me away.

“I don’t know how brides don’t see their grooms before the wedding day! I needed to see him and I couldn’t imagine not spending the night with him because that would have made more nervous!”

One of my favorite memories of their special day was when Megan, as soon as she got in her dress exclaimed “I’m ready to see Bobby! I want to see Bobby. Let’s go!”. She was nervous and lovely and so anxious to see him, hug him, and be reassured by him. That’s what I loved about their relationship: They were at peace when they were together.



the first look


Megan’s mom and bridesmaids were on the second floor of the two story venue where they could peek through a window into Megan and Bobby’s first look without being seen or heard. It was great! They were cheering them on without being distracting. It was so cute. You could see them going crazy! But Megan and Bobby had no idea. I was able to get a great shot overlooking them.

For the first look they were back to back, holding hands and talking to each other. I told them when you guys are ready, I’m going to back up and you can turn around. My assistant and I set up to take the photos as they were looking at each other– it was magical!

It’s one of my favorite moments to capture because it’s such a special moment. It’s private, it’s quiet, and you can take as long as you need to talk to each other.

Megan told me that opting for the first look was the best idea because she didn’t know if she could wait until the ceremony to see him! Heart. Melting. That was amazing.

They were so well prepared. We actually finished photos an hour and a half ahead of schedule! So Megan and Bobby went upstairs and watched The Office, laughing, spending casual time together with the bridesmaids (all ready for the wedding!), just waiting for the guests to arrive.


The wedding ceremony

Their ceremony was indoors, intimate, and emotional. Candlelight made for a romantic atmosphere and lovely lighting for the camera. Rose petals. Intimate vows. Close friends and family. This is the stuff dream weddings are made of!

 Just beautiful. Take a peek:


a stolen moment

When the reception dancing began to die down, I decided to back up my photos. I happened to look out the window. 

Megan and Bobby were dancing in the rain. 

She had changed into a lovely lace dress. She was barefoot, on his feet, and they were swaying to music no one else could hear. Not a soul was around. This was their moment and theirs alone. 

I cracked open the door and took that photo without their knowing.

It’s my favorite candid photo of their special day!

After shooting hundreds of weddings, it’s a rare and beautiful thing to see a newlywed couple sneak off to spend a private moment together. That’s how I’ll always remember Megan and Bobby’s love story: A slow dance in the rain.





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