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The Wedding Client Final Package | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Now that all your images have been released it’s time to take a deeper look into the final package. The images below are showcasing one of the two options you’ll have for your client gift. You can pick between a 10 page spread 8×8 linen coffee book or a 16×20 Canvas print. Both are great option and an amazing way to show off your wedding memories. 


I want the 8×8 linen Coffee Book!

Great choice! This is a favorite of mine because it’s the best way to really share the story of your day. It’s small but makes an impact. It’s creates a great conversation piece when added to your coffee table out for displaying and viewing when guest are over.  

Here is how to get your book (Watch video from 1:45 for a guide)

  1. Email me, letting me know you decided on the book
  2. Head over to your online gallery link and start selecting your favorites by clicking the heart icon.
  3. Select up to 50 images including: 2-3 Preparation Details, 2-3 Preparation, 2-4 Firstlook, 5-6 Couple Portraits, 1-3 Ceremony Details, 3-4 Ceremony, 3-5 Family photos, 3-5 Wedding Party photos, 3-6 Reception Details, 3-6 Reception moments.
  4. Select your main favorite gallery and click send to photographer link.

Sample Images of the 8×8 Linen Coffee box below

Here’s everything included inside the bag: Custom USB ( Pink ribbon used to tie at the end of the USB (Joann Fabric) Gold Polka Dot mini envelopes used to put the USB inside ( Hello Lovely print release postcard on the other side (Overnightprints).

The final results are all put together in a nice box. 



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