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Dustin and I first met in 2008.  Although we didn’t start dating right away, a close friendship developed over the next year and a half, as we finally realized that a friendship had turned into something more.

When we first started dating there was a certain coincidence that to this day blows my mind.  Dustin and I had spent a Saturday Afternoon walking around Downtown Seattle enjoying the sites, stopping by a bar to catch part of a hockey game.  We both had plans later on that evening to meet our friends out separately.  After watching the hockey game for a bit we headed our separate ways and went on with our evening plans.

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 Then next morning I met one of my closest girlfriends for brunch.  We were having our usual girl talk, catching up on things.  I was telling her about my Saturday with Dustin and how he had gone out the night before to meet up with a few of his Fraternity brothers.  My friend asked what Fraternity he was in and with my response, she mentioned her friend was in the same Fraternity at WSU as well.  Not thinking much about it, our brunch continued on, and later on that evening, Dustin and I caught up on our day and I mentioned the name of the friend whom was in the same Fraternity.

By complete coincidence (which now I like to look at as a sure sign and fate!), that same friend was the friend Dustin had met out that Saturday night!  With that single coincidence, we realized that our lives had crossed paths several times before, yet the two of us had never met.

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When I look back at the last four years together I am humbled by our journey.  I was lucky enough to find a best friend in Dustin, but never expected to find the man of my dreams.  From Coug games (GO COUGS!!) to traveling, and everything in between, our lives have been filled with more fun, love, and laughter then we could’ve ever imagined possible.  I wake up grateful every day for the life we have created together and can’t wait to love and laugh our way through the rest of our lives!

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