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Pikes Place Market and Golden Gardens Engagement Photos | Jen + Kris

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Our Story

Let’s start during the year 2011. Jen was finishing up graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis, having just returned from an internship in Seattle. She had fallen in love with the city so much that she planned on applying to jobs there, in hopes of moving back after graduation. Lucky for her, the one hospital with a job opening hired her from an over-the-phone interview, and she and her friend (and Maid of Honor) Julie moved to Seattle that summer.

Pikes Market Engagement - photo 02

Pikes Market Engagement – photo 02

Meanwhile, Kris had just moved back to Seattle after quitting his job at Sigma Chi in Chicago to start a new career at PipelineDeals. He was excited for a change in employment and city, and being a newly single man, needed a new roommate to round things out. He found an apartment with Cole, and they started living the good life (read: bachelor life) in Green Lake. But neither wanted the bachelor life forever, so Cole started doing online dating, and one day convinced Kris to join too. He started off on OKCupid, had some “interesting” experiences, and then finally joined

Discovery Park Engagement photo01

Discovery Park Engagement photo01

Jen and Julie were loving their new lives in Seattle. Because they knew no one outside of each other in their new city, they both joined, and began going on lots of dates and meeting some good (and not-so-good) guys. Jen had a few minor successes, but nothing really seemed to thrive. It was difficult at times to overcome the rejection and to start the whole process again, but she wanted to stick it out. She wasn’t sure if she’d find the “one,” but wanted something meaningful, to make all of the awkward first dates worth it.

Kris went on his share of dates too, but again, nothing seemed to stick. In fact, he was about to give it a break until…

Discovery Park Engagement photo02

Discovery Park Engagement photo02

Jen was browsing on yet again, looking at the same faces over and over, when suddenly, a new face popped up. His smile seemed so genuine, and after reading his profile, she knew he was different than all the rest. But, she had just wrapped up yet another failed fling, so she wasn’t sure if she was ready to start again. Finally after a week of mustering up the courage, she convinced herself to message him.

They messaged back and forth, and eventually agreed to meet in person. Kris called on a Monday night to decide on a place and time for the next day. That night, Jen got ready, felt confident, and walked down to the Tin Table to meet him. She got there before him, ordered a glass of wine to calm her nerves, and waited for him to finally arrive. The bus was late – or, as he put it, “there was bad traffic.” He walked around the corner, they hugged, and the rest of the date was a blur of great conversation and tons of smiles and/or googly eyes.

Discovery Park Engagement photo03

Discovery Park Engagement photo03

After the date, he walked her back to her apartment. They didn’t kiss, he just asked if he could call her sometime. She thought that was adorable he asked, and of course said yes.

He called. They went out several more times. (And kissed.)

They fell in love. They couldn’t spend enough time together.

They moved in together. He asked her to marry him.

She said “yes.”

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