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Top way to Have a Simple and Easy Wardrobe

Whom ever said shopping relieves stress hasn’t been shopping with me yet. I would find myself buying many tops and not enough bottoms. I’d get home and still find myself feeling like I have nothing to wear. Recently I’ve decided that I really needed to figure this out. With a little research from, “Putting Me Together.” The biggest tip I gained was that you only need a few basic pieces to create endless amount of combinations.

TOPS: Keep them simple and solid. No crazy textures, prints or patterns. This way you can mix and match them with a few bottoms. To create a more distinctive look also add in different kinds of blazers and accessories.

BOTTOMS: This is an area I’ve struggled with before. Jeans really aren’t my thing and I could only wear my leggings so many days in a row. If you do like patterns and colors, bottoms are the best area to use them because they’re less noticeable. This is a great way to spice up your look up.

BLAZERS + CARDIGANS: The same tip applies as with the tops. Keep them simple and solid. You can choose one patterned cardigan but just keep in mind that patterns are more noticeable with tops if you choose to wear them multiple times.

ACCESSORIES: Get skinny, thick and colored belts. You can add them to any outfit and it will really turn a plain look into something that pops. Same for scarfs, they are great add-ons.

JEWELRY: Go for bold color and some really simple pieces.

SHOES: A girls best friend. You can’t really go wrong here. Just pick your favorite pair and start mixing them with combinations.

Here are all of the outfits I came up with!

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