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Lincoln Park Engagement Photos | Ahna + Cameron


Ahna’s version:

I met Cam when I was fifteen years old.  When I first saw him I thought to myself, “Who is that funny boy that plays the flute?”  Ten years later that funny flute-playing boy will become my husband.  Cam and I’s relationship was one that grew with age.  We met so young and had such strong feelings for each other, at first we didn’t know what to make of it.  After that first meeting we instantly became close friends, even best friends.  We started doing everything together, school lunches, all night phone calls, cheering each other on in sporting events, and I was even lucky enough that my mom would let him come over on Tuesday nights to watch CSI.  After years of subtle hints Cam finally got the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend.  That was it, the start of us, in the high school parking lot, on a Friday, during lunch.

Cameron’s version:

In the fall of 2003 I met Ahna in our 4th period band class.  From that day on I knew she was the one.  What first caught my attention was that happy beautiful smile and cheeks that would turn beet red the second her mouth touched the reed of her clarinet. In fact, at the age of 14 I was so sure she was wife material, that I went home to tell my mom about the girl I met, comparing her to two wives on daytime sitcoms.  After a couple years of flying under the radar as a friend, we finally started dating the day of the last dance, my junior year of high school. Although I would love to say it was an out of this world romantic gesture that finally won her over, what actually captured her heart was an argument that tool place in Megan’s (Ahna’s sister) red Ford Explorer. Where I yelled at her for not being my girlfriend. From that day on we have been an inseparable pair.

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