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1927 Event Wedding Photos | Amanda + Jeff


It was the best day of our lives so far. The weather was amazing, the first truly sunny weekend of the year. I woke up to the sound of my family and bridesmaid’s singing classic country and making waffles. Jeff spent the morning with his groomsmen and our dads, tooling around the city, they got straight razor shaves and he wrote his vows. I sat on the porch of our big rented craftsman, drinking my last cup of coffee as a single girl, and watched the city buzzing by. The girls and I  helped each other get ready, clasping necklaces, spritzing perfume, slipping on high heels and finally putting on my dress. I took photos with my Bridesmaids outside in the garden, while Jeff and his groomsmen shot downtown at the Roosevelt and on the streets, meeting many Sakura-Con characters on the way, even posing with Princess Bubblegum.

In the limo, an we discovered an ant in between the layers of my dress. I heard the music swell as my father walked me down the aisle, and felt the love of all our family and friends we had gathered to celebrate our day. Then Jeff and I locked eyes, all of our lives we had been waiting for this moment, all of our hopes and dreams collided. Today I would be his wife. Our ceremony was beautiful, our attendants blessed us with touching speeches and we shared our vows. “You may now kiss the bride.” We did it! The most beautiful feeling of joy, relief and excitement. Dinner was delicious. Cake was Sublime. Our friends and families showered us with amazing, funny and personal toasts, and performed songs they had written just for us. We danced the night away. We woke up to the sun streaming into our hotel room, and our new adventure began…

Special thanks to everyone that worked hard on Amanda + Jeff’s wedding day!

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