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Pikes Market Engagement - photo

Pikes Market Engagement – photo

“So there we were, surrounded by bears! (haha, just kidding.) When I think of our story, I think back to a specific day last year. Kyle, my good friend, was flying back to Arizona and needed to be picked up at the airport. I remember thinking about the day I would pick him up all weekend. When the day finally came, I got there an hour early! I remember being so excited to see him, and not knowing why. We had recently been spending a lot of time together, but it wasn’t out of the ordinary for good friends like us. When he finally arrived, I had a permanent smile on my face. His presence filled a void in my heart. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I knew I always wanted to feel this way. From seeing him to just the walk to the car, we both knew what we had was more than friendship. From that weekend to now, I learned a few things: I am madly in-love with my best friend; I have found my soulmate; I can’t wait to make memories for the rest of my life, with someone who makes me whole.”  – from Aly

“Some say that sparks fly when two lovers meet. That would imply that there is an electrical issue, lol. The first time Aly picked me up from the airport, is a memory that repeats in my head everyday. The feeling that I had when we looked at one another, is a feeling that could never truly be described. I felt as if I was looking at my future. Aly and I were friends, but at that moment is when her and I became much more. The quote “two star-cross’d lovers” is a famous quote that was used by Shakespeare and I feel that Aly and I are in fact that. Two stars that met in a galaxy of stars. Aly is my shining light and I will always remember that day when she lit up my universe.” – from Kyle

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