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Ace Hotel Palm Springs Wedding Photos | Cynthia + Kurt

Our Story

The proposal by far is one of my fondest memories. It was my first time getting to see Kurt in months.  He had been living in Modesto with my cousin Shaun while attending the Fire Academy.  The long distance was definitely not something we were used to after spending the 8 years prior attached at the hip. I could feel our love growing more each day we were apart. Kurt had just graduated from the fire academy, and we were having a grad party in his honor at my uncle’s house.  His parents were there and it was their first time meeting my family.  After we feasted on a traditional assyrian meal (which was enough to feed an army), Kurt stood at the front of the room and asked for our attention.

He began to thank our families for their love and support and explained to them how this journey had brought us closer.  He then signaled me to come over.  I figured he wanted me by his side for moral support as he bravely stood in front of my 7 aunts and uncles, their spouses, my 14 cousins, my mom, nana and his parents…but then he turned his attention to me.  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  I was beyond surprised.  While overcome with emotion, I managed to squeeze out a “YES.”  I felt absolutely shocked and could not control my tears. Everyone was screaming and cheering around us! I remember staring into Kurt’s eyes and praying, silently thanking God for answering yet another prayer. God has given us so many reasons to be thankful.  I was so choked up with gratitude I couldn’t even hear what Kurt was saying to me.  It was a beautiful moment, I felt so much love.  That feeling filled the room, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!  My Nana told me that in her 84 years she had never seen someone propose before, she was so very happy. This moment was caught on 10 different iPhones and will be forever in my memory.

PHOTOGRAPHER | Julianna J Photography

VENUE | ACE Hotel (Palm Springs, CA)

FLORIST | Jensen’s Finest Foods


CINEMATOGRAPHY | Etch Films DJ | Eric Morales of Extreme DJ Violinist| Ray Reinenbach ( Balloons | The Party Lab Succulents | Purchased at Rose bowl flea market and potted by bride Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas & The Paper Source Hair: Cassie McNulty of ACE Hotel ( Make-up | Bride DIY Design & Décor | DIY Stationery (menus, signage, place settings) | DIY Planner | Lindsay Perry (

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